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Frequently asked Questions

No. Every carpet cleaning service is different. Different people, processes, equipment, methodologies, scheduling, effectiveness, dry times, efficiency, routes, number of jobs per day, warrant, guarantee, insurance, cost structure etc. Our competitors cannot meet our quality standards therefore we do not accept competitor coupons.

No. We run targeted specials for business purposes to create a win-win scenario. For liability, marketing reasons and to be fair and good for our word the expiration dates must be observed. No offense, but the big box stores do not accept expired coupons .... please do not ask me how I know :-).

With the world wide web and how busy most of your clients are .... we need to verify the coupon is valid and one of our coupons. Please print it out , please mention at time of booking, please surrender to technician at time of service. Technician has final say in all pricing matters. Our technicans are the trained experts they know what to look for, what it means and how to interpret the results.

We are a franchise network. Meaning we have territories or areas associated with our franchises aka franchise area. For Chem-Dry of Allen County... we presenty own four (4) Chem-Dry franchises serving Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Lagrange, Noble, Stueben and Whitley Counties, Indiana. Obviously, the cost of providing service is directly related to travel time. From time to time a special will only be offered within one or two counties.

For residential service within our franchise area (7-counties we serve) our minimum charge is $125. There are other minimums for a room-area, per rug, per trip, ...etc. We try hard to keep our services affordable in order to serve more of you. With cost always rising these minimums assure we can make a profit. On a $125 residential job the profit margin is very small typically $10-25 range, We have invested a lot of time and resource into these franchise operations and we want to serve as many of you as practical. We have to make sure our time and resources are used wisely. So we have minimums. Our Technicians are trained to interpret all of this break it down and explain what it means prior to providing service. No surprises!