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We accept checks, credit cards and cash. Our preference is a personal check. Cash has some risks associated with it AND we do not carry cash to make change. So you will need to have the right amount. We accept major credit cards Visa. Mastercard and Discover. We accept Debit Cards. We charge a small credit card conveniance fee equal to what we are charged when we process your payment with a credit card through a merchant services provider. AND I BET you thought all those credit card points were FREE. We prefer to look at it as a % discount for paying by check or with cash. We expect to receive payment at time of service. We are a "cash" business. We are NOT setup to invoice - send statements and collect payments. To be frank we are not a bank. We are not structured as such. Ulltimately we just want to get paid and we want to offer you flexible payment terms so we can earn the privilege of cleaning your home. Large commercial accounts with prior arrangement and agreement can recieve a 10-15 day term as long as we do not have to send payments and chase after payment. We just want to add-value get paid and everybody smiles

We vacuum the exposed carpet areas to remove dry soil prior to cleaning your carpet as a part of our home carpet cleaning service. Having said that we are not there to pickup small items, debris, paper, toys, pet poo, or other bodily fluids. If there is debris visible throughout the area that is an indication you need to clear it and vacuum beforehand.

The Short answer No you do not need to be there at time of services. We can communicate via text or a phone call. If you are unable to do either please make payment arrangements in advance and please take the time to help assure we understand what you need us to do. The areas we are cleaning are your concerns regarding those areas. The more specific the better. The more direct communications the better. Our technicians are trained to ask you questions during a preinspection walk to get a good understanding of whats important to you. You might be surprised to learn everyone has a different idea in their head of what "traffic areas" really means. We frequently clean without anyone being in the home or business. We get paid at time of service so please make arrangements. We need to be able to access the home. Lastly a word of caution, often someone will have a designee (a trusted person who stands in for you the homeowner). Thats great too! Bear in mind sometimes the designee is unaware of your intended cleaning scope or it is not clearly communicate for what ever reason. A list from you of areas to be cleaned and concerns along with a phone call or text is usually all that is needed. If you have a specific item to discuss not covered please share it at time of booking so we can make note of it and let us know the best way to communicate back with you. Communicationas and setting expectations (on all sides) is the key to a good customer experience.

We respectfully ask that you to clear the small items and breakable items away from the areas-places we will be cleaning. If you have furniture you specifically want moved it is always best if you do it before we arrive. The two mistakes we see homeowners make 1 - they often move furniture they do not need to move and they move it farther than necessary. 2 - they intend to move furniture as the technician cleans the area. The under-estimate how efficient we can be, get distracted or otherwise really encumber the work (the intention is excellent. execution most often lacking). If you are going to help we are going to have to charge you more..... joke .... kinda ... it could really happen. You helping us move things can extend a job 20-30 minutes or more. For insurance purposes, policies, OSHA and other practical reasons, we do not move electrical devices (things plugged into the wall), dressers, beds, nightstands, we do not typically move anything out of the area we are cleaning. If you have specific questions call. email or ask your technicain at time of service. We have a how to prepare for your carpet cleaning service tip sheet available by email. Our Technicians will move "light" furniture when cleaning your carpet. For example we can typically move a recliner, 2-3 cushion sofa, dining chair (a few) or coffee table. We are skilled at moving "light" pieces in order to clean the area. We move these as little as possible. Our technicians know how to efficiently & safely move "light" furniture to complete your cleaning project as efficiently and safely as possible. We can at times assist you with some limited furniture moving beyond the above for an additional charge. Ask technician for details. Ultimately, our service technician has the final say in what he or she will move. To do otherwise is to invite injury to our technician or damage to your property and we would never want to do that. Somedays, we are battling through a personal injury, sore spot or something that prevents us from doing some of these tasks for awhile.

No, if that is really important to you remove the mattress and box springs. Relocated them out of the areas we are cleaning. We can work inside and around the frame to clean the area. Most often bed moving is not necessary. Remove the skirt around the bed or raise it up on the bed to clear the space under the bed. We edge around the bed with a carpet cleaning wand. This same tool We have can often be used clean carpet under the bed. most if not all of the carpet under the bed can be cleaned this way. It is always best to discuss cleaning under the bed with your technician at time of service and/or discuss at time of booking so the CSR can at least make a note of it and our technician is prepared to walk you through what we can and cannot do in your specific situation. There are a lot of different types of beds and soiling conditions in bedroom areas.