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Carpet Cleaning service Fort Wayne, IN 46845 The Healthier Deeper  Carpet Cleaning Service by Chem-Dry of Allen County - Your Healthy Home Authority serving Residential & Commercial clients living & working in the 46845 Fort Wayne area. We offer you Chem-Dry's Superior Carpet & Upholstery cleaning service with our proprietary deep carpet cleaning technologies - high quality carpet cleaning with friendly & well trained carpet cleaning technicians. Chem-Dry of Allen County specializing in healthy carpet cleaning, deep-thorough carpet cleaning, home carpet cleaning service and commercial carpet cleaning services consistently done right the first time.

Chem-Dry's Proprietary process addresses the shortcomings of traditional steam cleaning of carpet. From a process methodology view we just have a technically better solution which is coincidently a cleaner. drier. healther solution for your home or business. Our proprietary process is the deepest clean available in the industry & fast-drying carpet cleaning. 1-2 hours typical dry time for your conveniene. And NOT The 1-2 days you may have experiences with tradition steam cleaners. This is the reason that only Chem-Dry can say Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, We are your healthy home authority and We are Your Healthy Workplace Authority.

Watch videos about our carpet cleaning services on youtube. This video illustrates the power of our Chem-Dry HCE process on the ultimate carpet cleaning challenge as well as comparing how Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning with HCE compares to traditional steam cleaning carpet.

We are specialist in removing pet-rine-odors from carpet, rugs and upholstery so no more struggling with dog, cat or human odors in your carpet. Urine in carpet is NOT a good do it yourself carpet cleaning or rug or upholstery cleaning project. We have a proprietary solution to this problem that really works and addresses the shortcoming of competitor products such as enzyme based treatments. To learn more about removing urine odor from your carpet or upholstery click here   

Chem-Dry of Allen County serving The Greater Fort wayne community since 2006 (15 years) with over 7000 cleaning service projects in local homes & businesses. Everything from a single small area, whole home cleanings, difficult soiling condition - frequently other cleaners refer us, to the largest commercial projects including multiple building or sites and maintenance agreements

commercial carpet cleaning clients. 

Much more than just a carpet cleaner. Having been recognized many times for our work here in this community, Chem-Dry of Allen County is a recognized-proven-leader & trusted expert in The "carpet cleaning" field or Industry at large.

We enjoy our work and the privilege of serving you. We invite you to engage our services. Please let us know if we may add value to you as you journey through the selection & decision process. You would be well served to book with us now and be on your way as we look forward to serving you in the very near future.

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More Cleaning Services we can assist you with (fan favorite list) 

Upholstery Cleaning

Whether you have kids or pets, frequently host friends or family or simply are at home a lot, you know your upholstered furniture is getting a workout, Dust, Pollen, Germs, Food, Crumbs, Stains, and Blemishes can't be avoided. In fact, a high percentage of the dust and dirt brought into your home could end up in your upholstered furniture. But you don't have to accept the fact that your furniture is going to get dirty. What better time to get your fabric furniture cleaned then when we are there cleaning your carpet or providing other services. The biggest mistake we see home or business owners make is waiting until the upholstery is extremely visibly soiled ...often that is too late to be safed. Most often upholstery  does not have stain fighting protection in it as your carpet. What this means to you is that it is a spot or stain can easily become permanent. So why take the chance. Give us a call today at 260-490-2705 to schedule your upholstery cleaning service in or near the Leo area.

If you have allergies such as dust mites or other dust related allergies you would do well to consider upholstery cleaning on a regular schedule such as every 6-9-12-15-18 months as needed due to your conditions. In any case, you should plan to clean upholstery every 1.5-3 years. We have all seen what happens to a flat area that is not dusted for a long time. This same thing happens to upholstery and other surfaces throughout your home.

Area or Oriental Rug Cleaning

Much like upholstery, your area or oriental rug is also getting a workout as Dust, Pollen, Germs, Food, Crumbs, Stains, and Blemishes cannot be avoided. A high percentage of the dust and dirt brought into your home could end up in your area or oriental rug. But you don't have to accept the fact that your rug is going to get dirty. What better time to get your oriental or area rug cleaned then when we are there cleaning your carpet or providing other services. The biggest mistake we see home or business owners make is waiting until the the rug is extremely visibly soiled. Most often an oriental rug or hand hooked rug also lacks fabric stain protection so again we have potential for a spot or stain to easily become permanent. Why risk it. Give us a call today at 260-490-2705 to schedule your area rug or oriental rug cleaning service in the Leo, IN area.

We offer in home cleaning or shop cleaning (we can do everything up to submerssion cleaning and industrial strength power drying with dehumidification - a drying room for your rug like a clothes dryer!). In shop cleaning offers you no mess no fuss and allows us to do the best job possible. We have a 4800 sq ft shop built in the fall of 2018 with about 1/5th of the area dedicated to cleaning your oriental or area rugs. We can deal with the worst case urine-odor rugs in our decontamination process. In home cleaning is best for smaller area rugs and often other area rugs. Your technician can advise you. Wool, Oriental, Hand Hooked or Gun Tufted Rugs are best cleaned in our shop. The shop is located on the business owners home property.

We recommend cleaning heavily trafficked rugs on a regular basis about 9-12-15-18 months. In any case if you want to maintain the appearance of your rug investment plan on cleaning at least every 2-5 years.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Unfortunately, Tile, Grout and Stone are not immune to the unhealthy elements that are in and around your home. Over time, dirt and grime build up in the porouse surfaces of your stone, tile-grout flooring.  Especially in area like entry foyers, bathrooms, kitchen, dining and hallway areas. While regular sweeping and mopping are helpful and necessary for keeping somce of the excessive build-up at bay, those don't deliver the deep cleaning that your floors really need. Some people try to take matters into their own hands and scrub between the tiles with a brush to get at the gunky build-up the mops and brooms don;t reach. Its a back breaking , knee pounding chore that is a lot easier said than done. After all that work the results are mixed at best. Often what you have to show for it are aching joints and a filthy brush. Best known for our carpet & upholstery cleaning service, Chem-Dry of Allen County Professionals are much more than carpet cleaners and offer more services today than ever before. Safeguard the health of your family and the beauty of your home with stone, tile-grout cleaning services from Chem-Dry of Allen County.

Our Tile-Grout Cleaning process explained in a short video.

Why Chem-Dry of Allen County?

  • Best in State Finalist 2022 Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Service.
  • Best in State Finalist 2021 Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Service.
  • The #1 Ranked Home Carpet Cleaning Service Fort Wayne, IN 2020, 2019, 2016, 2014 
  • The #2 Ranked Carpet Cleaning Service Fort Wayne, IN 2017, 2015. Per Fort & Readers Choice.
  • Circle of Excellence 2010-2022 Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Services. 
  • Top 3 Finalist in the Nations - "Perpetual Excellence" - 2019-20
  • Top 3 Finalist in the Nation - "Excellent Customer Service" - 2018-19
  • Rising Star Award Winner - national 2008 - Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services - Chem-Dry
  • Angies List Super Service Award Winner 2010 - Home Carpet Cleaning Services 
  • Deepest Clean Available Today HCE & 16 Pieces of Patented Technology NO ONE ELSE CAN OFFER YOU.
  • We Clean for Your Health Like No One Else Can.
  • Proven & Consistent Results. 


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Typically, Phone is staffed 8AM-9PM Mon-Fri, 9-5 Sat, 11-5 Sun for your convenience. We look forward to serving you!


Frequently asked Questions

We accept checks, credit cards and cash. Our preference is a personal check. Cash has some risks associated with it AND we do not carry cash to make change. So you will need to have the right amount. We accept major credit cards Visa. Mastercard and Discover. We accept Debit Cards. We charge a small credit card conveniance fee equal to what we are charged when we process your payment with a credit card through a merchant services provider. AND I BET you thought all those credit card points were FREE. We prefer to look at it as a % discount for paying by check or with cash. We expect to receive payment at time of service. We are a "cash" business. We are NOT setup to invoice - send statements and collect payments. To be frank we are not a bank. We are not structured as such. Ultimately we just want to get paid and we want to offer you flexible payment terms so we can earn the privilege of cleaning your home. Large commercial accounts with prior arrangement and agreement can recieve a 10-15 day term as long as we do not have to send payments and chase after payment. We just want to add-value get paid and everybody smiles.

We vacuum the exposed carpet areas to remove dry soil prior to cleaning your carpet as a part of our home carpet cleaning service. Having said that we are not there to pickup small items, debris, paper, toys, pet poo, or other bodily fluids. If there is debris visible throughout the area that is an indication you need to clear it and vacuum beforehand.

No, if that is really important to you remove the mattress and box springs. Relocated them out of the areas we are cleaning. We can work inside and around the frame to clean the area. Most often bed moving is not necessary. Remove the skirt around the bed or raise it up on the bed to clear the space under the bed. We edge around the bed with a carpet cleaning wand. This same tool We have can often be used clean carpet under the bed. most if not all of the carpet under the bed can be cleaned this way. It is always best to discuss cleaning under the bed with your technician at time of service and/or discuss at time of booking so the CSR can at least make a note of it and our technician is prepared to walk you through what we can and cannot do in your specific situation. There are a lot of different types of beds and soiling conditions in bedroom areas.

Short answer No. We can communicate via text or a phone call. If you are unable to do either please make payment arrangements in advance and please take the time to help assure we understand what you want (and do not want) done. The areas we are cleaning are your concerns regarding those areas. The more specific the better. Our technicians are trained to ask questions during a preinspection walk through with you. The reason being we need and want to fully understand (as best we can) what is and is not important to you so we focus on what is important and avoid doing unnecessary things. We frequently clean without anyone being there,. We get paid at time of service so please make arrangements. We need to be able to access the home. Lastly, often someone will have a designee (a trusted person who stands in for you the homeowner). Thats great too! Bear in mind sometimes the designee is unaware of your intended cleaning scope or it is not clearly communicate for what eve reason. A list of areas to be cleaned and concerns along with a phone call or text is usually all that is needed. If you have a specific item to discuss not covered please share it at time of booking so we can make note of it and let us know the best way to communicate back with you. Communicationas and setting expectations (on all sides) is the key to a successful exchange or cleaning services project.

We respectfully ask that you to clear the small items and breakable items away from the areas-places we will be cleaning. If you have furniture you specifically want moved it is always best if you do it before we arrive. The two mistakes we see homeowners make 1 - they often move furniture they do not need to move and they move it farther than necessary. 2 - they intend to move furniture as the technician cleans the area. The under-estimate how efficient we can be, get distracted or otherwise really encumber the work (the intention is excellent. execution most often lacking). If you are going to help we are going to have to charge you more..... joke .... kinda ... it could really happen. You helping us move things can extend a job 20-30 minutes or more. For insurance purposes, policies, OSHA and other practical reasons, we do not move electrical devices (things plugged into the wall), dressers, beds, nightstands, we do not typically move anything out of the area we are cleaning. If you have specific questions call. email or ask your technicain at time of service. We have a how to prepare for your carpet cleaning service tip sheet available by email. Our Technicians will move "light" furniture when cleaning your carpet. For example we can typically move a recliner, 2-3 cushion sofa, dining chair (a few) or coffee table. We are skilled at moving "light" pieces in order to clean the area. We move these as little as possible. Our technicians know how to efficiently & safely move "light" furniture to complete your cleaning project as efficiently and safely as possible. We can at times assist you with some limited furniture moving beyond the above for an additional charge. Ask technician for details. Ultimately, our service technician has the final say in what he or she will move. To do otherwise is to invite injury to our technician or damage to your property and we would never want to do that.